Sunday, November 11, 2007

True Insanity: In Search of a Jacket

First, a little background is needed.

Once upon a time there was alittle girl named Tallia, who loved to be nice and warm. She always had a big fluffy coat that kept out the wind and rain. As she grew older though, she spent more ime inside, and so her need for a jacket decreased, although she still liked to be nice and warm.

One day, when she had tol walk to school (it was pouring rain and windy of course) she discovered she didn't have a warm fuzzy jacket. This was a great source of distress for the little girl who at this point, was no longer a little girl, but a big one)and she resolved to get a new jacket.

The girl, of course, is me, and yesterday I went shopping for one with my day. Because I'm broke (I want money!!!) Dad said he would pay for it. I found a poofy jacket I really liked. It was pretty, and purple, with fuzzys around the outside of the hood, and was probably really nice and warm. Unfortunately, it cost $300, and Dad said no.

So I'm still jacketless, and it's getting cold. Bleh.
Oh well.

Your truly,
The magnificent,
The fabulous,
The sublimely sublime,

P.S I miss my dog >.<

P.P.S I'm excited to see you Ray (Banana Guard)

"When everything feels like the movies, you'll bleed just to know you're alive"
-The Goo Goo Dolls "Iris"

An old song, true, but I like it!

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