Tuesday, November 13, 2007

KarateKid: Something in my eye

Today I got something in my eye. It felt like a thorn and it poked and poked and poked. After rinsing my eye thoroughly in the bathroom, I eventually had to go to the nurse during Math (this had NOTHING to do with the fact that we were doing trinomials.)

Anyways, I'm all healed now. I'm off to singing in about five, but first I wanted to tell a story. It happened in Planning, and it went like this.

MS. SMITH: There's an easy technique for it. It's not hard -

KARATEKID: (whispers) That's what she said

MS. SMITH: In fact, it's pretty straightforward -

KARATEKID: (whispers) That's what she said.

MS. SMITH: -once you learn how to do it, you can do it anywhere.

KARATEKID: (whispers) That's what she said.

Then I choked on my water laughing at my hilarity and I had to stop, but seriously, it was like bam bam bam. Almost as funny as the time the math teacher kept asking us to find the diameter of Uranus.


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